Marketing Yourself

July 22, 2018

Marketing yourself.

It is arguably the hardest thing for me to do. It takes me about a year and a half to write a book. It is three to four years to plan, compose, and produce an album. I could do both of these things faster if I did not have any commitments like family, work, school and such. However, because I do not make money from my artistic works, I need to do those.

That made me think the other day. In my “real” work, I meet up with executives, government representatives, scientists, investors, lobbyists. I do presentations to them, and I market the technologies and products we have. We discuss the terms; we talk money, logistics. You name it.

When it comes to my books and albums, I cannot market s***. I do not know where to begin, how to go forward, how and when to use the social media tools and accounts. I know a fair number of artists make a living through their art (and a great deal who cannot). I am willing to be one of those artists who could, so that I would have the time to focus on creating stuff.

The question is; why is it so hard to market something that you create? Is it shyness? Is it a super-ego / alter ego clash that limits your ability to self-market? Are we hindering ourselves by being the worst critic possible that we ever faced? Questions, questions…

And I am open to suggestions!