My Top-10 Evil Guys in Gaming

July 21, 2016

Militar coup attempts, state of emergencies, suicide bombings, economic crisis… Life is most definitely not that appealing nowadays. In all this madness, I am trying to find things to do to keep my sanity in check. Therefore, I have decided to write about my top 10 gaming villains. I am aware that this list is not complete and we can always add more and more names. This list, however, is prepared from my personal tastes and I would be pleased to see others top 10 lists as well. All posts are welcome below at the discussion box!

The main point/criteria of this list were to find and write villains that made me punch (sometimes literally) the computer screen. Every list on the internet had the same characters, and I also wanted to add a few of my own.

SPOILER ALERT! There may be… well, spoilers.


NEMESIS (Resident Evil 3)

This one was a real pain in the ass. I always loved the earlier installations of the Resident Evil series and had bought all the games up until 5 (then things went south). First 3 were epic games for me. Especially 3 as it was a constant struggle and a race against time because this freak show zombie muscle wouldn’t leave you alone. I can never forget the first time I heard its voice. “STAAARRRS."

ARCTURUS MENGSK (Starcraft series)

I have never forgiven him for what he did to Kerrigan, leaving her to the Zerg. And Blizzard took their sweet time to give us the chance to avenge Kerrigan’s fate. If there was the chance, I would have fought the sob together with James Raynor.


I always hated this dude. His “I have created the mountains” attitude toward JC Denton and what he represents as a part of the government conspiracy was more than enough to hate him. I admit I enjoyed it when I burst my plasma rifle’s cartridge on the bastard.

ARTHAS (Warcraft III and World of Warcraft – as the Lich King)

The transformation of Prince Arthas was a sad one. He tried too hard, leaving much to be manipulated in his character and in the end, he snapped. A mind buzzing sword made his head go haywire, and the shining beacon of hope and righteousness became a monument of evil and destruction. Poor Arthas.

ILLUSIVE MAN (Mass Effect series)

He was alright in Mass Effect 2. He had his own agenda, and we were a tool for him, but at least, the man had some form of sick honour. In Mass Effect 3, however, the man completely lost it, only to be manipulated to the point of insanity by the Reapers through indoctrination and he hindered everything at every turn with the help of his no-less irritating aide, Kai Leng. More than once, I wanted to punch the screen. Especially on Thessia. Of course, the Thessia part is somewhat about Shepard being a total tool as well. I mean, it is THE most important artifact of all time, and you go there with two team members? Really? I would have conquered that temple with EVERYTHING.

JON IRENICUS (Baldur’s Gate II)

Although Amelyssan the Blackhearted was equally irritating, she was a rather bland evil character with all that “my god will dominate bla bla” syndrome. Jon Irenicus, however, was of a different origin. He had a failed love story behind, a form of despair and regret covered in so much darkness; it twisted him to the point of destroying everything. He was intelligent, charismatic and powerful. More than once, his arguments made sense, no matter how many lives it meant to be destroyed in the end. Baldur’s Gate II, arguably, is the BEST module ever written for Forgotten Realms.

ULBERTO ALBERTI (Assassin’s Creed II)

None of the other bad guys, no matter how well they were written, came anywhere close this evil man who betrayed our family and caused the death of our brothers and father as a part of their conspiracy. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the mission where we finally delivered the justice through Ezio’s hands.


Everyone loves Darth Malak, but for me, the best characters were in Obsidian’s sequel. Darth Sion had given me the creeps more than once, especially in the beginning where he chased you inside the Republic ship. He was an excellent character, a pure object of hate.

WILLIAM TAGGART (Deus E: Human Revolution)

Taggart is not the primary evil character. He is not even evil from particular perspectives. However, he represents a good part of what is wrong in today’s world whether it be ignorance, populism or dirty politics. He really pushed my buttons with his stupid comments and the moment he seemed in trouble, selling out his aide as well as twisting his (and Adam Jensen’s) words.


Sorry, I cannot accept him killing Vesemir in cold blood. Simple as that. I literally watched the funeral pyre for minutes in silence.

There are many other names that I could have written, but then we would have to change this to a top-250 list. Ganondorf, GLaDOS, Sephiroth, Shodan, Psycho Mantis and so.

So, what are your favourite (or irritating for that matter) villains?

PS: No female villains here. Perhaps it shows an apparent market gap. Nope, despite her atrocities, I count Kerrigan as a victim.