Planning is for... well...

August 13, 2016

Life is strange.

No matter how you plan things, no matter how you want things to move on, life has its own pace and it dictates it one way or another. You plan to go on holiday, you think of expanding your business or renovating your house and then something unexpected happens and all hell's breaks loose.This summer was all about plans and more plans for me. I launched a new clothing design company with my significant other, I was working on my new album's release plan and my upcoming book. Perhaps, if things went smoothly, I would even be able to escape to seaside for a few days.

Meh, tough luck. My dad got very sick and all of August and a good portion of July was about hospitals, doctors and running errands so far. I am writing these lines in a small cafe near his dialysis center as I await his daily treatment to end. All those plans? They are down the drain.

Plan, sure, but never obsess.

The main idea behind this post is to live life with a certain level of freedom and relaxation. Freedom from stress and the uptight attitude. If life taught me one thing in these last few weeks, it is that; you can never expect your plans to work 100%. Not even %50 most of the time and it is best to accept certain things as they are.

I have decided to change quite a few things about my attitude towards life in these last few weeks and I am now seeking ways to relax my way of living. Perhaps I should move to a seaside town, leaving this crowded city behind. Or start a new life in another country.
Yep, those are my thoughts.

One thing is for certain: Being healthy is the ONLY real game in town.

Be well.