Transhumanism and VR

May 12, 2017

What the future holds

Was just thinking... I am a firm believer of transhumanism and see it as a natural part of human evolution. When talking about human evolution, I am not focusing on the past. I am not an evolutionary biologist; my predictions and expectations are of future things to come.

Transhumanism, by definition, is the belief that us, humans, can evolve beyond our current capabilities, especially through science and technology. What does this mean? Insert a few chips into our brain and voila! Well, a part of it involves that as well. But I also believe it is a development in human understanding of its nature and surrounding. To be better in touch with our planet (and new ones to come), to be better in touch with the ecosystem and understanding the balance of life for all living beings. To reach a new level of spirituality and form a deeper connection with our inner self.

Maybe I am a dreamer. And maybe I am not.

Some people are talking about VR the same way; seeing it as a step toward an augmented human development.

A great many debates are going on around nowadays regarding the future of our race. On one hand, increasing population and the incapability (either preferred or as a result of our current society) to educate and raise productive, self-sufficient and intellectually developed humans will eventually create a mass dumbness. The current system needs this type of population to exploit it as a workforce and consumer base. However, this will eventually turn into a planet full of people without any traits, jobs and mouths to feed.

On the other hand, our current system requires people to do things the society doesn’t. Cleaning sewage, picking the garbage and such. Improvements in robotics and AI will eventually take over these jobs. But what about the population?

Religion and sports are good distractions (two good examples, there are more of course; like computer games and TV series). Not as belief systems or hobbies; I am not criticizing that. That is a whole different can of worms. What I mean is; people devote their free time to these things and create occupation. The next generation of “free time occupation” seems to be VR. Just like in movies. Living lives that we envy, visit places we want but cannot. Seems like a good promise, eh?

The question is; will VR create more dummy slaves or will it help us evolve. Maybe both…

What do you think?