January 23, 2017 - Balance of Power

Hello everyone, here is another update of how things are;

The Blackened Prophecy Part II: Balance of Power

I am almost done with the third round of editing. Then my editor Allison will do a final check and my two good friends, Ross and Kutlu will do a beta read for issues we have missed. Then the book will be ready for release. I am aiming for a very late April release, but due to health issues, I had experienced some setbacks and I may push the release date a week or two.

IndieGoGo Campaign Packages for Maegi II

The campaign packages are ready. I have started sending them out and you will receive an email shortly in the next 10 days regarding your tracking number. Post services are horrible in holiday season and we experience the highest number of package loss around these times, so we have waited until the fuss was over. The package will contain everything promised except the physical album disc as announced before. If you are a donator and have an issue with this process, you can still contact me for details.

Neverland 3

Two songs composed (and will probably face "n" times of changes and reviews), another bunch to go.

You already know I suffered a great loss in autumn and it caused certain serious setbacks. However, I also have another thing coming up, something big regarding my life, and I have to devote a good portion of my life to that. Soon, I will announce everything and the long term plan. No worries (if you are a fan or follower of my work), more stuff will be available in the short - long run. Just... patience.