May 04, 2017 - Balance of Power Release Schedule

Balance of Power

After a long 18-month period, me and my editor, Allison Williams, are finally done with Balance of Power; the second book of The Blackened Prophecy. It took WAY longer than we both had anticipated because of all kinds of shit storms life has created through these months.

Now, for the upcoming two weeks, my good friends Ross and Kutluhan will take a look at things and catch the tiny typos we may have missed. Then, another ten days wait for Amazon to send me a preview copy to see if there are any print-related errors.

And then? Well, if all goes well and nothing stupid happens (for once) through May, we will have Balance of Power ready for you at the end of the month.

Thank you for your patience.


PS: I will post updates regarding my next book and the third installment of The Blackened Prophecy, The Cursed Throne in the upcoming days.