December 25, 2017 - One more year has passed

2017 was a year of change. I changed my attitude toward life. I changed my perception of success, happiness, friendship, achievements, career. I changed the country I live in. I changed a great many habits. I even changed my field of business.

It was a year of change. Like 2016, I again lost someone very dear to me. Prarabdh Thakur, or Rod as our gaming group and I have called him, sadly passed away because of malaria. He was only 23. You may remember him from our novella, Demise of Hopes. We always chatted, fooled around, played games, and talked about life in general. I am not entirely devastated, as I am getting pretty much numb to deaths by now, but it was a hard blow.

2018, I am hoping for results, achievements, and all those things that come with hard work. But what I am most interested in is to be at peace. The rest are details. Now, what happened in 2017, and what will happen in 2018 regarding my artistic and professional life.

  • I have released the second book of The Blackened Prophecy: Balance of Power
  • I have started working on my non-fiction book: Understanding Death (WIP title)
  • I have started working on The Blackened Prophecy III: The Cursed Throne.
  • I have become the financial manager of a new high-tech startup in Canada.

Because of the relocation to Canada, I couldn’t be as productive as I usually am. And now, I am in a mindset that I am not obliged to constantly produce something. That said, I create things because I like to do so. I just needed time, changing a life is not as easy as they let you think in the movies, haha!

What couldn’t I do in 2017?

  • CD release of Maegi II (please check the bottom of this post if you were a campaign donator)
  • Completing Neverland III

For 2018, I will mostly focus on my books, and maybe on some music. My plans include

  • Writing and releasing “Understanding Death.”
  • Writing and releasing “The Blackened Prophecy Part III: The Cursed Throne.”
  • Composing music for Maegi (no plans for release or anything. I will not release a new album before I can press Maegi II as a CD, but some song ideas have started to form), and Neverland (not sure about Neverland’s fate, tbh – we have to talk it with the other members now that we are six guys scattered around the planet).
  • Start working on my next book projects.
  • Working on our tech-company with my partners (I am already doing this)
  • Continuing practicing aikido.

A side note to those who are waiting for a CD release of Maegi II (myself included), at the moment, I will not be able to do this because it is a) too expensive to do it at this time as low-count pressing options are still non-existant, b) too much effort is needed – like from finding a place to put the CDs to managing the distribution (and I have no room in my new house – which is a TINY place, if you know Toronto’s house market), and most importantly, c) I am not happy with the quality of print-on-demand services, as they duplicate CDs, whereas the music CDs we are used to (and want) are replicated, not duplicated. There is a considerable difference. One is a CD-R, while the other one is a factory product.

While I am committed to pressing the CDs, I am not ready; neither financially, nor logistics-wise. I understand that you may want a refund. If that is the case, please email me, and I will resolve it. I will even send you the CD whenever they are pressed.

Please know that I want the CD myself the most, as it is blood, sweat, and tears for me. I want to see it in my CD rack as the creator.

I wish you all a happy holiday season and a great new year!

Stay safe, and be at peace!