November 15, 2016 - Updates About Projects

As you know, I had quite the turmoil this summer and autumn. I had to postpone or cancel a good deal of my projects with my father’s unforgivingly aggressive illness and his death. Now, things are slowly getting back to normal. I am still not operating at 100% but it is fair to say I am around 60 – 65%. Some of is because I am still recovering from the tragic events and rebuilding my spiritual strength, while another good portion is simply about finding the free time due to the bureaucratic paper chaos. The number of documents I had to collect after my father’s death was 76, you figure.

Anyway, enough with excuses. Here is a general plan of upcoming events.

The Blackened Prophecy Part II: Balance of Power:

Balance of Power

The book is finished; we are now editing the book. I am guessing this will take a good portion of December and January (as well as November). I believe a February release date is realistic. If you are a mail list subscriber, you will also read a few chapters earlier than others =). Book III name and artwork will be revealed around Christmas time.

Maegi Campaign Packages:
T-shirts will be printed in a few days and then I will start sending out the packages. No physical album at this time but I am looking for a fix for that as well. The rest of the content is there. Physical CD situation will be fixed ASAP.

Maegi III:
Not sure when this will happen. I don’t think anywhere before 2019 and that is a big IF. I will focus more on my books as I have another set of ideas to write after The Blackened Prophecy, already taking notes.

Elfogi is still a test project. We have some new designs but I literally had 0 time to add them. We have plans for Elfogi to make it way more active but there are certain things we are waiting for to happen. More updates will follow.

Dreamtone – Neverland:
I have started composing stuff but it is going slow due to previously mentioned details. I am guessing Onur is working
on some tunes as well but this is still at a single-cell organism level. It will come eventually; we just have no reason to rush it and will record it when we feel we have a solid set of songs.

Thank you for following my art and your support. It means a lot!