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2019 was successful, 2020 will show the results

Hello, my friends,

Another year has come to pass with accomplishments, failures, surprises, heartbreaks, trials.

As tradition dictates, here is my 2019 report and 2020 provisions.

This year was much more productive than 2018, and I am happy to announce solid results, unlike the last one.

There were several major accomplishments:

  • I have finished a college program and got a new diploma as an honorary student. More frames on the wall for the study room.

  • I got my first job offer & position in Canada.

  • I stopped eating meat.

  • I have launched a lifestyle blog/vlog that was in the pipeline for a while.

  • And I have “finally” finished the first draft of The Cursed Throne, book 3 of my The Blackened Prophecy trilogy. Well, I still have to write two more chapters, but that is one week’s work at the most.

I did some compositions for Maegi, but not much. I will not rush anything Maegi because of production costs and other logistics issues.

So, what are the plans for 2020:

· Release The Cursed Throne with new covers for the trilogy.

· Write one more book and start working on my new series.

· Working on my lifestyle website.

2020 will mostly be about writing and continuing our survival in Canada as a family.

I wish you a happy new year, full of prosperity, peace of mind, and meaning.


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