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2021 Recap and 2022 Goals

Hello all! If you are a regular, you know I like to post an annual update about how many new year’s resolutions I have failed and achieved. I also use the space to post potential happenings for the upcoming year. Of course, pandemics, draughts, fires, asteroids, and every other force majeure that can happen probably happen. I didn’t do a 2020 recap because it was a horrendous year.

So, here is my 2021 recap and 2022 hopes/predictions.

2021 accomplishments:

  • Released “The Cursed Throne” and completed The Blackened Prophecy Trilogy

  • Completed the second draft of Before the Dark – The Blackened Prophecy Compendium

  • Made it to the best sellers list of Amazon in several categories TWICE.

  • Re-released the first two books of the trilogy with new editing and cover art

  • Selected to the college council as the division representative

  • Ran my Follow the Tribe with DJ Canatan shows without any hiccups or breaks non-stop every week

  • Moved outside of Toronto

  • Changed my career path

2021 unrealized stuff:

  • Maegi III compositions are still not finished. They are almost there, but things happened

  • Couldn’t start writing the next trilogy in the Blackened Prophecy universe

  • Couldn’t finish my Digital Analytics program because they didn’t open courses

  • Couldn’t finish the compendium

  • Couldn’t start my mailing list (dependent on finishing the compendium)

Most of the stuff I couldn’t do was because of a draining four-month-long job-seeking period and the accompanying extreme depression as I felt trapped and couldn’t move forward. That changed and for the better. I found a great job and did it in the field I want to pursue near to my writing career: UX/product design. I salute the people who played a key role in helping me realize this.

The depression part, however, has caused me to lose four valuable months where I could have edited the compendium and released it sooner. Related issues have also affected the Maegi performance.

In any case, now that the depression and search are over, I am back on track and finalizing the book. The good news is, I took serious notes to start my next trilogy (and there is another quadrilogy I am pre-producing as well).

2022 plans:

I like to plan and write it down. This is not a promise but more like a reminder of my targets to set my SMART goals accordingly. This year, I am hoping to achieve:

  • Release Before the Dark: The Blackened Prophecy Compendium (Q1)

  • Launch the mailing list (it is launched, but, you know, start utilizing it full force) (Q1)

  • Finish writing the first book of the new trilogy (Q3)

  • Release the said first book and start writing the second one (Q4)

  • Finish Maegi III compositions to my satisfaction (and Onur Ozkoc’s, of course) (Q3)

  • Switch to Webflow

  • Improve on my professional field (UX) and professional development

  • Start learning Angular

  • Start learning AR development/design

  • Produce audiobooks for The Blackened Prophecy (if possible, Q4)

  • Offer hardcovers for The Blackened Prophecy (if viable, Q3)

So, that pretty much covers it. Thank you all for your patience, reading my stories, and putting up with me through the delays. They say the breaking point in an immigrant’s life happens around the 4-5 years mark. It happened at 4.5 with me, which was key in lifting some limitations like becoming force sensitive in Star Wars Galaxies or opening the level nine abilities as a sorcerer in Baldur’s Gate II.

Anyway, let us hope it will not be another WTF year, although the morbid reality of more viruses, war, natural disasters, and anti-science Neanderthalism looms over us all.

Stay safe, stay sane.


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