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Updated: Sep 1, 2018

A new and improved website is now online. There may be issues, typos, unworking modules, and I kindly ask you to let me know if you bump into any problems.

Oganalp Canatan Official Website
Oganalp Canatan Official Website

This website has better access to shops where you can find my books, albums, and other stuff. As it is logistically impossible for me to handle the whole manufacturing and processing by myself, Maegi and Dreamtone merchandise are handled by TeePublic. Album sales carried through various distributors that you can find the links at their respective pages. Books are carried through the popular distribution channels.

Please note that when you are shopping, you are buying through their websites, not on

Therefore, this website does not handle any payment information, shipping information, handling and customer service.

Old news posts are removed to get rid of clutter.

Thank you for your understanding. Feel free to contact if you have further questions.

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