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Onur Ozkoc joins Maegi permanently

So, the lengthy journey to create Maegi 3 and 4 has officially started. I have been working on the compositions for the last two years. In this time, we have been in constant contact with Onur Ozkoc about how to collaborate. As some of you may remember, he was an essential part of Maegi 1 and 2. Many of you still enjoy his marvellous guitar work on Those We've Left Behind. I always believed we completed one another when we compose. Together, we have created over a hundred tunes for Dreamtone, Neverland, and Maegi.

After some thought, I have decided it was time to make this collaboration permanent. Onur is one of my oldest friends. We had been through many things: we created Dreamtone from scratch, and we had been in Neverland together. We had glorious moments on and off stage and sad ones. Heck, we even watched 9/11 on TV together. It was Onur's mom who convinced me to become a singer back in the day.

After we are both done dealing with our demons and mid-life changes, I believe we are ready for another adventure. We matured, we developed and wised up as much as we could. Therefore, I am honoured and happy to invite Onur to become a permanent part of Maegi from now on.

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