Who is Oganalp Canatan?

Oganalp Canatan’s life was never easy as a kid as he had to convince himself every morning that the bright light he saw the night before was neither an Imperial Star Destroyer nor the Enterprise-D. Although carrying a copy of the Lord of the Rings or talking about the Fremen in school helped him to convince a few others that aliens and orcs were real, he realized he had to write about a possible alien invasion or an intergalactic war to reach the science fiction and fantasy community. To this day, he has yet to try the level of protection a tin foil could provide against a tachyon beam. “Conspiracy!” he screams every now and then in his sleeps, “the aliens are coming!” before his partner shuts him up with the help of a pillow. She also thinks they are coming but prefers to keep it subtle in case of black helicopters and men in black showing up at their doorstep.

Because writing space and fantasy novels is hard work on the eyes and every sensory organ should be treated equally, Oganalp also uses his audio skills as a heavy metal musician every now and then, trying his new songs and albums on the neighbor and his cats. So far, the cats are alright with this method. They are also content with him playing Blind Guardian and Iron Maiden on maximum. Oganalp also insists on saying the cats are happy to discuss the exploits of Tom Mason, Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds and Luke Sykwalker in the middle of the night, whenever he is not composing or writing.

The cats refused to comment on that.

Whenever he can find the spare time needed from his daily adventures at the Commonwealth or the city of Novigrad, Oganalp also loves to dwell in side quests like creating computer games or composing soundtracks for others’ adventures. The neighbors are yet to make a declaration on the compositions.

If you are sure you are not followed by cyborgs, nano-augmented agents or government assassins, then you metal heads, alien believers, sword and shield bearers and anyone in between; you are welcome to Oganalp’s world. Be wary, for the alien invasion may be closer than you realize.



Blind Guardian, Shadow Gallery, Iron Maiden, Savatage, Savage Garden, Symphony X, Evergrey, Megadeth, Manowar, Harry Gregson-Williams, Basil Poledouris and many more.


The Chemical Wedding (Bruce Dickinson), Somewhere in Time (Iron Maiden), Powerslave (Iron Maiden), The Odyssey (Symphony X), Nightfall in Middle Earth (Blind Guardian), Handful of Rain (Savatage)


Rama (Arthur C. Clarke), The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan), Riftwar Saga (Raymond Feist), Dragonlance (Weis & Hickman), Dune (Frank Herbert) and a few hundred more. I buy around 150 books a year (read a bit less than that).


Firefly, Battlestar Galactica (2004), Stargate SG1 - Atlantis - Universe, Farscape, The X-Files, Rome, Californication, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Star Trek: TNG, Person of Interest, Falling Skies, Orphan Black and many more. I watch a few episodes of something every night.


The Thing (1982), Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut, Blade Runner, Alien, Aliens, Star Trek TNG movies, Indiana Jones (all), Lord of the Rings trilogy, Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, Serenity, The Ninth Gate, The Girl Next Door, Terminator series etc. I have a considerable movie archive.


Oh boy, where to begin... Baldur's Gate Saga, Witcher series, Tie Fighter, Dune 1-2, Deus Ex (all, even IW), Wing Commander Saga, Privateer 1-2, Civilization series, Mass Effect series, GTA series, Uncharted series, Euro Truck Simulator 2... I have over 2200 games and from the days of C64, I owned almost all the major systems. I can have a separate website just about games. I guess I had one at some point back in early 2000s.