Who is Oganalp Canatan?

I am Oganalp Canatan. Near to my professional career as a financial manager of a high-tech company, I am also a professional composer, singer, and author of books. If you arrived here for my managerial traits, oh boy you are in the wrong place, as this website is pretty much all about my artistic career.

For those who wonder who I am; I was born in Ankara (Turkey), and I am currently living in Toronto (Canada) with my wife and four cats. I was always interested in science fiction and fantasy stories, and my passion eventually turned into writing stories of my own. You can find information about my books somewhere around here.

Regarding music, I had the chance to work and collaborate with some of metal music’s best. I have been releasing albums and singles since early 2000s. Again, information about those are also here somewhere. I am a fairly easy going introvert who likes to cover it with extrovert behavior. I like practicing aikido, and I like tasting quality booze.

I also like to read a lot, listen to music a lot, and watch series a lot. Oh, and I play computer games. Oh, I really do love playing games.




Blind Guardian, Shadow Gallery, Iron Maiden, Savatage, Savage Garden, Symphony X, Evergrey, Megadeth, Manowar, Harry Gregson-Williams, Basil Poledouris and many more.


The Chemical Wedding (Bruce Dickinson), Somewhere in Time (Iron Maiden), Powerslave (Iron Maiden), The Odyssey (Symphony X), Nightfall in Middle Earth (Blind Guardian), Handful of Rain (Savatage)


Rama (Arthur C. Clarke), The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan), Riftwar Saga (Raymond Feist), Dragonlance (Weis & Hickman), Dune (Frank Herbert) and a few hundred more. I buy around 150 books a year (read a bit less than that).


Firefly, Battlestar Galactica (2004), Stargate SG1 - Atlantis - Universe, Farscape, The X-Files, Rome, Californication, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Star Trek: TNG, Person of Interest, Falling Skies, Orphan Black and many more. I watch a few episodes of something every night.


The Thing (1982), Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut, Blade Runner, Alien, Aliens, Star Trek TNG movies, Indiana Jones (all), Lord of the Rings trilogy, Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, Serenity, The Ninth Gate, The Girl Next Door, Terminator series etc. I have a considerable movie archive.


Oh boy, where to begin... Baldur's Gate Saga, Witcher series, Tie Fighter, Dune 1-2, Deus Ex (all, even IW), Wing Commander Saga, Privateer 1-2, Civilization series, Mass Effect series, GTA series, Uncharted series, Euro Truck Simulator 2... I have over 2200 games and from the days of C64, I owned almost all the major systems. I can have a separate website just about games. I guess I had one at some point back in early 2000s.