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Quick Facts

Title: Balance of Power

Series: The Blackened Prophecy Book 2
ISBN: 979-8714955594

Format: eBook, paperback

First Published: June 15th, 2017

Balance of Power

(The Blackened Prophecy Book 2)

Ray cannot help but feel isolated. Deviator's surviving crew tries to get on with their lives after they crash-landed on New Eden, but Ray knows their safety is fake. When he used his powers to stop the invasion, Ray awoke the deliverer of the apocalypse the prophecy foretold, and he knows She, The Devourer, is coming. No sun, no planet is safe unless he finds a way to stop the prophecy, for The Devourer promises total annihilation.

As if his concerns aren’t big enough, two unexpected survivors of the battle of Earth show up on New Eden, one promising hope and one promising doom.

Balance of Power is the second book in The Blackened Prophecy trilogy.

Get your copy now and follow Ray in his quest to find a way to stop The Devourer before She consumes all life.

What Readers are Saying: 

★★★★★ “This is one of those page-turners that will cost the reader a few hours of sleep as the reader will most definitely start thinking of casting actors and looking for ways to secure rights for a film adaptation.” – Kutluhan via Amazon

★★★★★ “This work can easily find a place among the common fiction/fantasy books. A five star is well deserved for this first work of the author. Care to spend some time among humongous dreadnoughts?” – A reader like you via Amazon

★★★★★ “I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Canatan manages to create a new sci-fi universe without drowning the reader in detail. I not only had trouble putting it down but I also now have this savage need to read the second one. A magnificent foray. Highly recommended” – F. Senol via Amazon

★★★★★ “A true space opera but with enough intrigues and secrecy to keep my attention. The somewhat undercooled humor adds to the joy of getting to know the characters.” – Dries via Goodreads

The Blackened Prophecy

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