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Balance of power

The days grow darker still.


Ray feels it in his bones. No, he knows it.


The destroyer of worlds. The devour of souls. Planet killer. She is here, and she is hunting for Ray. Ray is about to find out how much would he abuse his powers to save his family. How much would that power corrupt one’s soul when it lets him move mountains.


Will he choose a path of peace, or will he destroy everything in his battle?


Because the road to hell is paved with good intentions.


The second book of The Blackened Prophecy continues the story of Raymond Harris; his struggle to cope with his powers and the responsibility that comes with them. As the Lohil, he must face with his nemesis; The Devourer and survive against this eternal creature to find the truth about her origins, as much as of his.



The Blackened Prophecy Book 2

Balance of Power


First Published: June 15, 2017
Publisher: Amazon CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1543185232
ASIN: B071W527YL
Format: Paperback, e-book

Cover art: Yiğit Köroğlu

The blackened prophecy


Author & Composer

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