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Demise of Hopes

"We are arrogant beings, my friend. Ever since we became sentient, we have completely dominated the affairs on our planet. We forgot the meaning of fear, to be afraid and genuinely work for survival. And now, we're being humbled."

- The President.


This short novella, based on the album "Skies Fall" by Oganalp Canatan, details the fall of the human race as they face a threat they do not understand, and cannot overcome. From multiple perspectives, the story covers suffering, loss, bravery, and defiance to the very last survivor.


Demise of Hopes is a printed book, and it is a part of Maegi's Skies Fall" Collector's Edition box set. A revised version is coming for later in 2020, in memory of late Prarabdh Thakur, who wrote the novella together with Oganalp.

Quick Facts

Title: Demise of Hopes

ISBN: n/a - tba
ASIN: tba
Format: e-book, paperback

First Published: February 28, 2013

New Edition: Q4 - 2021

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