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Reversing time

Soon after Sojourn, Dreamtone started to look into other options about how to improve themselves. With luck, the band's friend from Metal Temple, Orpheus Spiliotopoulos mentioned them of his mother's wish to create a symphonic metal project, and things moved on from there. Eventually, the idea of having a few gigs turned into creating an album with a symphony orchestra and guests.


Even though Dreamtone had some level of underground presence, Reversing Time carried them to the major league, signing a record deal with one of the world's biggest independent metal labels, AFM Records, something seemed impossible for a Turkish band to achieve the time, together with Iris Mavraki.


Reversing Time (song) was also praised by the international press, shown as a part of must listen to 100 tracks for any progressive metal fan in various magazines and websites. It is, sadly, also the final official release of Mike Baker, who passed away shortly after.

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The rights to release the album is owned by AFM Records GmbH. Hence, this album is not available through Bandcamp & CD Baby.

February 2008, AFM Records


Oganalp Canatan: Vocals

Iris Mavraki: Vocals

Onur Özkoç: Guitars

Can Dedekargınoğlu: Bass

Burak Kahraman: Guitars

Emrecan Sevdin: Drums

Hansi Kürsch: Vocals

Tom Englund: Vocals

Mike Baker: Vocals

Gary Wehrkamp: Guitars

Philarmonia Istanbul Orchestra

Recorded by Alp Turaç, Erim Arkman at ATM Studios, Istanbul, TR

Mixed by Arnold Lindberg at Divison One Studios, Gothenburg, SWE

Mastering by Leon Zervos at Sterling Sound, NY, USA

Artwork by Jean Pascal Fournier

Produced by Dreamtone and AFM Records

  1. Shooting Star

  2. To Lose the Sun

  3. Mankind is a Lie

  4. Everlasting Tranquillity

  5. Reversing Time

  6. Black Water

  7. Mountain of Judgement

  8. Mountain of Joy

  9. World Beyond These Walls

  10. Transcending Miracle

  11. Once Again This Life (European Bonus)

  12. Who Asked You to Fight (Japan Bonus)


Author & Composer

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