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Skies Fall

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If you are buying my music to support me, buying through Bandcamp and CD Baby are the best options, as other services keep the majority of the income for themselves. Especially the streaming services.

Album Credits

February 28th, 2013 - Kardanadam Media


Oganalp Canatan: Vocals, rhythm, lead and acoustic guitars, keyboards

Hansi Kursch: Vocals

Chris Boltendahl: Vocals

Tim Ripper Owens: Vocals

Zak Stevens: Vocals

Jerry Outlaw: Lead guitars
Can Dedegarkinoglu: Bass
Semih Ornek: Drums
Ozan Alparslan: Keyboards, backing vocals
Onur Ozkoc: Rhythm and acoustic guitars
Bulutay Gunes: Choir company

Damla Gunes: Choir company


Recorded and Mixed by Oganalp Canatan at Gobelhaus Studios

Mastering by Ue Nastasi at Sterling Sound, New York, USA

Artworks by Yiğit Köroğlu, Ali Yücel Özdemir

Photography by Emre Durmaz


Produced by Oganalp Canatan

Skies Fall is the first Maegi album following Oganalp’s departure and the consequential break up of Dreamtone and Neverland. The debut album lacked certain production qualities in the engineering department, but it also featured some of the best compositions and line-up in Oganalp’s career up until that point. Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian, Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger), Tim Ripper Owens (Iced Earth, Judas Priest), Zak Stevens (Savatage, Trans Siberian Orchestra, CIIC), Jerry Outlaw (Bogus Pomp, Jon Oliva’s Pain) accompanied Oganalp. Ozan Alparslan, Can Dedekarginoglu, and Onur Ozkoc from Dreamtone and Neverland also appeared as guests. The haunting acoustic piece, Those We’ve Left Behind, performed by Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian), became an immediate classic and fan favourite.

Behind the Scenes

"I was angry at many things surrounding Dreamtone and Neverland. For a while, I tried new things like working on a pop album, but nothing helped to blow off my steam. So, I decided to create a new solo project from scratch in 2012 before leaving Dreamtone.

"It took a great effort to put things together, and it eventually became Maegi.

"The first album, Skies Fall, was an outburst. It lacked certain production elements as I was doing everything on my own for the first time, and it was overwhelming. Thankfully, great friends from the metal scene helped me create some of the most personal tracks I have ever written. In all its glory and downfall, Skies Fall was a rather good (re)start for me, even though it financially broke my back as did every music production before that."

Album's Story

The story is about a near-future alien invasion, from the first contact to the eradication of humankind. Although the album’s name and theme had similar vibes with the sci-fi series Falling Skies, Oganalp had never watched (or heard of) the series at the time of the album’s production. In his own words, “Considering the limited pool of artistic examples, it is fairly common to sap from the same inspirations in alien invasion themes. I started watching Falling Skies a few years after the release of Skies Fall. So, I guess it is serendipity.”


The album also featured an extensive box set with additional artwork, a flag poster, and a novella written by Oganalp and his close gaming friend, Prarabdh “Rod” Thakur. Sadly, in 2017, Rod had contracted malaria and succumbed to his illness. He was in his early twenties.


As a recognition of their friendship and in memory of his beloved friend, Oganalp will re-edit and re-release “Demise of Hopes” in 2022.

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