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Album Credits

2006, EMI Turkey, Tavanarası


Oganalp Canatan: Vocals

Onur Özkoç: Guitars

Efe Alpay: Bass

Burak Kahraman: Guitars

Emrecan Sevdin: Drums

Ozan Alparslan: Keyboards

Recorded & Mixed by Erkan Tatoğlu at Midas'ın Kulaklığı Studios, Ankara, TR

Mastering by Jim Brick at Absolute Audio, NJ, USA

Artwork by Kerem Beyit

Produced by Dreamtone

Sojourn was a monumental undertaking for a bunch of kids from Ankara. The album was a full concept with complex compositions. In the end, even with all its flaws, the album was taken by EMI Turkey for distribution, and it created the push needed to take the next steps in Dreamtone’s dreams.

Behind the Scenes

The album was about a man making a deal with the Devil himself to return to life and be with his family one last time.


It was a conceptual story with Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery) handling narrations in between the tracks. The album received favourable reviews, albeit with the many flaws it had. Dreamtone was young and passionate, starting their somewhat successful career and Sojourn opened doors to several future alternatives. The friendship started with Gary Wehrkamp with Sojourn lasts to this day. Gary Wehrkamp appeared as a guest guitarist both on Reversing Time (Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki’s Neverland) and Tales from the King’s Court (Maegi).

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