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The Cursed Throne

(The Blackened Prophecy Book 3)

Ray woke up from his sleep and now feels The Devourer’s presence within. His power is untameable, and he is dead set on making the Architects pay for their atrocities. With Sim’Ra by his side, Ray will destroy the Architect’s reign of terror and return to his people as triumphant.

However, just as he starts his campaign, he feels a change through his bond with his daughter. Now Ray needs to go back to Tarra and make sure Elaine is safe. After that, he and his friends can continue the conquest of universal peace under his banner.

Only his companions may not see eye to eye, and Ray may have to coerce them to follow his cause. After all, he is just, and he is right. Because he is the Lohil. A god.

The Cursed Throne concludes Captain Raymond Harris’s story.

Quick Facts

Title: The Cursed Throne

Series: The Blackened Prophecy Book 3

ISBN: tba
Format: e-book, paperback

First Published: July 1st, 2021

The Blackened Prophecy

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