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Unforeseen Reflections


Album Credits

2004, Self-release


Oganalp Canatan: Vocals, guitars
Onur Ozkoc: Guitars
Efe Alpay: Bass *
Ilkay Ozboyar: Keyboard
Emrecan Sevdin: Drums


Recorded & Mixed by Cuneyt Caglayan at Midas'in  Kulakligi Studios, Ankara, TR

Mastering by Erkan Tatoglu

Artwork by Abdulkadir Yildirim

* Bass guitars played by Oganalp Canatan and Onur Ozkoc


Produced by Oganalp Canatan and Onur Ozkoc

A “why not?” effort from Dreamtone’s founders, Oganalp Canatan and Onur Ozkoc. After recording and dumping a whole album because it had “issues,” they entered the studio again, going for much more complex compositions. It ended up as a demo selling in the mid-four-figure range, a hard to achieve success in Turkey even today after almost 20 years of market expansion.

Behind the Scenes

It was the first album that Dreamtone “managed” to release. Albeit there was another recording, which only the song Pandemonium made it out from the desk, this was the record that laid down the composition ideology of Dreamtone. Listeners can feel what Unforeseen Reflections has started all the way to Ophidia and even Skies Fall.


It was a sincere effort from 19 years old kids, and also it was the most successful demo of its time in means of local reach. Although the lineup features a full band, the band only had Oganalp and Onur at the recordings, and they handled all the instrument work, leaving the drums for a drum machine.


Up until Maegi’s Skies Fall, this was also the last record Oganalp played guitars.

For promotion, Oganalp had pressed, prepared, and posted over 500 CDs one-by-one. Thanks to his local neighbour post office’s continued usage, the post office clerk could retire early, filling his quota. He and Oganalp kept in touch for a long while after his retirement.

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