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Bir varmış bir yokmuş

Five song maxi single of Dreamtone with a fresh touch. The band decided to go Turkish with this one, even though the songs had their demo versions in English, and it turned out better than they hoped. Sadly, the album that was supposed to follow the single never saw daylight as the band decided to split up after various "life related" events of several band members.​


"From the approach to the artwork to the digital medium, this single was different in mentality from everything Dreamtone did in the past. I am proud of the outcome. It was a challenge to do anything at the time, Turkish or English, for the band. However, I do not believe I will ever do anything similar in my life again. Ever." - Oganalp

January 2012, Kardanadam Media


Oganalp Canatan: Vocals

Onur Özkoç: Guitars

Can Dedekargınoğlu: Bass

Burak Kahraman: Guitars

Emrecan Sevdin: Drums

Recording & Mixed by Oganalp CanatanGobelhaus Studios, Ankara, TR

Mastering by Pieter SnapperBabajım Studios, Istanbul, TR

Artwork by Onur Özkoç

Produced by Oganalp Canatan & Dreamtone

  1. Bir Varmış, Bir Yokmuş

  2. Fırtına, Yeniden

  3. Uyan

  4. Ambigram

  5. Kum


Author & Composer

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