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Bir Varmis Bir Yokmus


Album Credits

January 2012, Kardanadam Media


Oganalp Canatan: Vocals

Onur Ozkoc: Guitars

Can Dedegarginoglu: Bass

Burak Kahraman: Guitars

Emrecan Sevdin: Drums

Recording & Mixed by Oganalp Canatan at Gobelhaus Studios, Ankara, TR

Mastering by Pieter Snapper at Babajım Studios, Istanbul, TR

Artwork by Onur Ozkoc

Produced by Oganalp Canatan & Dreamtone

The five-song maxi-single of Dreamtone with a fresh touch. The band decided to go Turkish with this one, even though the songs had their demo versions in English, and it turned out better than they hoped. Sadly, the album that was supposed to follow the single never saw daylight as the band decided to split up.

Behind the Scenes

“From the artwork to the digital medium, this single was different in mentality from everything Dreamtone had done in the past. I was against the idea of doing something for the local market, but it was the majority vote. I re-wrote the lyrics in Turkish, and I am proud of the outcome. It was a challenge to do anything at the time, Turkish or English, for the band. ‘Firtina, Yeniden’ lyrics tell exactly how I felt about it. I do not believe I will ever do anything similar in my life again. Ever.


“However, maybe I should be thankful, as this uncertainty and frustration kick-started Maegi. All in all, it was an emotional turmoil for me, and the aftermath of Dreamtone affected my relationship with the other members and the team. It took us some time to make amends and restart things. It also took some maturing and realization on everyone’s part. A good but painful learning experience for sure.” - Oganalp

The band was suffering from post-Ophidia syndrome. Losing the record deal was a serious blow. Members wanted to get married, get military service out of the way, and they were looking for clarity in their life. The dreaded “stability versus passion” came into play, and most of the members picked stability. The last shot before wrapping things up was to try something in Turkish for the local market without compromising the music.


However, because of the hesitancy of devotion, the band could not follow up on the initial step. A good deal of the production weighed on Oganalp’s shoulders, which resulted in his departure from the band in late 2011. After a few meetings, the other members convinced Oganalp to try it some more, and the music videos for the single came out. The production again fell on Oganalp’s shoulders, which led to the end of Dreamtone. The band performed a final farewell gig in May 2012 in Ankara without the guitar player Burak Kahraman, who had moved to London, and the Dreamtone chapter for Oganalp was closed. Although the members had his blessing to continue, by that time, the band was too shattered to do anything else. In May 2012, Dreamtone ceased to exist.

Music Videos

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