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After letting go of Exotherm, the college band of Onur Özkoç, Oganalp and Onur formed Dreamtone and soon after, they were working on songs to release as a demo. They tried once, and it failed big time, the only song they were happy about was the instrumental track, Pandemonium. Soon after its release, the track became a local underground phenomenon and encouraged them to go forward with their music. At the age of 17, from a considerably remote country, two kids had managed to reach out to the world, having the track featured in over 20 countries via various radio stations.

2002, Self-release


Oganalp Canatan: Vocals, guitars

Onur Özkoç: Guitars

Can Karabulut: Bass

Oktay Fıstık: Drums

Recorded & Mixed by Erkan Tatoğlu at Zoo Sound, Ankara, TR

Mastering by Erkan Tatoğlu

Artwork by Abdulkadir Yıldırım

Produced by Oganalp Canatan and Onur Özkoç

  1. Pandemonium