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Shadows bear no names

Sometimes things like deadly alien invaders, government assassins, and mad relics of the past find you.

Sometimes you end up killing a hundred thousand people, even if you don’t mean it.

Sometimes you get tangled in galactic wars and ancient prophecies that promise the end of life.

And that may not even be the high point of your day.

Just like Ray. Poor Ray.


Shadows Bear No Names is the first in the Blackened Prophecy series, in which one ordinary, unassuming man must battle through space, survive excursions on uncharted worlds, and defeat an alien invasion as he tries to find his estranged daughter and go home.​

The Blackened Prophecy Book 1

Shadows Bear No Names


First Published: February 16th, 2016
Publisher: CreateSpace, Kardanadam Media Ltd.
ISBN: 978-1522950806
ASIN: B01BGS1422

Format: Paperback, digital

Cover art: Yiğit Köroğlu

The blackened prophecy


Author & Composer

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