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Quick Facts

Title: Shadows Bear No Names

Series: The Blackened Prophecy Book 1
ISBN: 979-8714549571

Format: eBook, paperback

First Published: February 16th, 2016

Shadows Bear No Names

(The Blackened Prophecy Book 1)

He’s a pilot, not a hero. When a devastating crash sends him into an interplanetary conspiracy, can he accept his destiny and save humanity?

Captain Ray Harris prefers flying under the radar. Comfortable with his no-strings-attached job transporting cargo, he prepares for a routine fuel delivery on a remote world. But when the ship’s doctor goes on a zombie-like rampage against the crew and forces the vessel into a death spiral towards the capital city, Harris barely escapes with his life.

Awaking in the care of a Priest of Light, he’s mortified the massive impact killed 100,000 innocent civilians. But as the guilt-ridden captain awaits judgment from the authorities, a ghostly apparition brings warning of a deadly invasion and plunges the unassuming Harris into a scramble to rescue billions.

Can he break out of custody to prevent Armageddon, or is this planet destined to be his final resting place?

Shadows Bear No Names is the first book in the gripping The Blackened Prophecy space opera series. If you like one-of-a-kind universes, riveting action, and reluctant champions, then you’ll love O. Canatan’s race against time.

Buy Shadows Bear No Names to rise from the ashes of catastrophe today!

What Readers are Saying:

★★★★★ “This is one of those page-turners that will cost the reader a few hours of sleep as the reader will most definitely start thinking of casting actors and looking for ways to secure rights for a film adaptation.” – Kutluhan

★★★★★ “This work can easily find a place among the common fiction/fantasy books. A five star is well deserved for this first work of the author. Care to spend some time among humongous dreadnoughts?” – A reader like you

★★★★★ “I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Canatan manages to create a new sci-fi universe without drowning the reader in detail. I not only had trouble putting it down but I also now have this savage need to read the second one. A magnificent foray. Highly recommended” – F. Senol

★★★★★ “A true space opera but with enough intrigues and secrecy to keep my attention. The somewhat undercooled humor adds to the joy of getting to know the characters.” – Dries

The Blackened Prophecy

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