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Album Credits

September 2007, Kardanadam Media


Oganalp Canatan: Vocals

Onur Ozkoc: Guitars

Can Dedekarginoglu: Bass*

Burak Kahraman: Guitars

Emrecan Sevdin: Drums


Recorded by Alp Turaç, Erim Arkman at ATM Studios, Istanbul, TR

Recorded by Erkan Tatoğlu at Midas'ın Kulaklığı Studios, Ankara, TR

Recorded by Mehmet Uğur Memiş at Mars Studios, Ankara, TR

Mixed by Alp Turaç at ATM Studios, Istanbul, TR

Mastering by Jim Brick at Absolute Audio, NJ, USA

Artwork by Kerem Beyit

* Bass tracks recorded by Efe Alpay

Produced by Dreamtone

Snowfall was Dreamtone’s shy first step toward a bigger scene. The band wanted to see if they could work with studios in Istanbul (a stupid Ankara – Istanbul friction of bands and studios exists even today). The answer was yes, and the band formed a long-lasting friendship with the high calibre sound engineers Erim Arkman and Alp Turac.

Behind the Scenes

Dreamtone wanted to find a studio to prepare for the upcoming project, Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki’s Neverland. The ambitions were big, requiring a level of quality the Ankara scene could not provide at the time. After the drum sessions could not offer the quality, the band consulted with the famous Turkish drummer Volkan Oktem who suggested working with ATM Studios in Istanbul. The final quality left much to be desired as it was a test project and had parts recorded in different studios. However, the single had two new songs that became immediate fan favourites and requests at gigs near a new adaptation of a classic Pandemonium.


All in all, Snowfall became an essential part of Dreamtone’s back catalogue and started friendships that are still strong to this day with key people in the industry. Maegi’s 2016 release, Tales From the King’s Court, is mixed by Erim Arkman, for example.

Music Videos

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