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“Who we are is but  a stepping stone to  what we can  become.” 
- Deus Ex 

"I am Oganalp Canatan. I wear many hats as a professional, but essentially, I am an artist. I like to write space adventures with the occasional ship battles, alien invasions, and dystopian struggles. I compose and perform heavy metal music, and friends from the industry appear as guests on my albums. Welcome to my world."

Artist Biography

“Creativity is my escapism. I like to forge worlds, instances, adventures, and mysteries through words where I can escape to distant stars and mysteries. My mother was sick and needed constant special care. I had to grow up with close to 300 caretakers for two decades. There were days I would be sent off to school by one and welcomed by another in the afternoon. Most of those caretakers came from horrible backgrounds, carrying their baggage. I have seen fights, death, thievery, sadism, disdain, and hopelessness in those eyes and souls. Heavy metal music and the surreal worlds created in games and books were my realms of sanity. It is no wonder I ended up as who I am today.”

Canatan is a space opera writer. He has completed The Blackened Prophecy Trilogy as of July 2021 and wrote the novella, Before the Dark, with additional background information on some characters and moments in June 2022. Canatan is currently working on the next trilogy in the same universe. Canatan has also released a novella, Demise of Hopes, with a revamped edition planned for late 2022.

When asked whether he sees himself as a composer, singer, or writer first, he says he is “leaning” toward writing nowadays. “I have been composing, performing, and recording since 1998. I had glorious moments, as well as tiredness. Writing is a relatively new adventure for me, so I am focusing on that career. That said, music is also here. Maegi is a good example. I prefer to name myself as a creative individual rather than specific tags.”

Canatan was the singer of Dreamtone (Kardanadam, EMI Turkey) and Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki’s Neverland (AFM Records) before creating his heavy metal project, Maegi. He collaborated with some of the most established names of the scene, including Jon Oliva, Hansi Kursch, Chris Boltendahl, Tim Ripper Owens, Mike Baker, Edu Falaschi, Tom Englund, Gary Wehrkamp, Mike LePond, Joe Nevolo, Jerry Outlaw, Zak Stevens and more. In the last twenty years, Canatan released nine albums.

He also contributed his skills to close to 30 indie game projects near his heavy metal music works, with some having tens of thousands of players.

Canatan also works as a UX/product designer. He had the chance to work with over 80 organizations worldwide as a marketing specialist, graphic designer, UX designer, project manager, producer, educational support staff, and journalist throughout his career.

Canatan has post-secondary education in accounting & information systems, business, UX design, and digital analytics fields as a graduate with honors and award nominations. He is also an avid gamer with an extensive archive (he even has a Deus Ex tattoo on his arm).

Canatan currently lives in Niagara Falls with his wife and cats.

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