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He’s a pilot, not a hero. When a devastating crash sends Ray Harris into an interplanetary scheme, can he accept his destiny and save humanity?

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Captain Ray Harris prefers flying under the radar. Comfortable with his no-strings-attached job transporting cargo, he prepares for routine fuel delivery in a remote world. But when the ship’s doctor goes on a frenzied rampage against the crew and forces the vessel into a death spiral toward the capital city, Harris barely escapes with his life.

Awaking in the care of a Priest of Light, he’s mortified by the massive impact that killed 100,000 innocent civilians. But as the guilt-ridden captain awaits judgment from the authorities, an apparition warns of a deadly invasion and plunges the unassuming Harris into a scramble to rescue billions.

Can he break out of custody to figure out what is going on and prevent Armageddon, or is this planet destined to be his ultimate resting place?

Shadows Bear No Names is the first book in the gripping The Blackened Prophecy space opera series. If you like one-of-a-kind universes, riveting action, and reluctant champions, then you’ll love O. Canatan’s race against time.

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About O. Canatan

“Creativity is my escapism. I like to forge worlds, instances, adventures, and mysteries through words where I can escape to distant stars and mysteries. My mother was sick and needed constant special care. I had to grow up with close to 300 caretakers for two decades. There were days I would be sent off to school by one and welcomed by another in the afternoon. Most of those caretakers came from horrible backgrounds, carrying their baggage. I have seen fights, death, thievery, sadism, disdain, and hopelessness in those eyes and souls. Heavy metal music and the surreal worlds created in games and books were my realms of sanity. It is no wonder I ended up as who I am today.”


Your free book is waiting.

Every story has a beginning.


What made Ray Harris and the crew of Canaar go to Bunari only to be attacked and crash? The evil set a foothold long before the conspiracy started to shape the events that put Ray at the center of a dark prophecy. Before the Dark—The Blackened Prophecy Compendium gives an insight into the characters' lives and events that led to the crash of freighter Canaar and other key moments in the world of The Blackened Prophecy.

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