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Updates are nice

I know I have been silent through 2019 and slow. Things were still moving forward, but at a much lengthier pace than I was hoping for. The progress bar on the homepage is accurate, and it shows the current development of all the projects I am working on. I may abandon the “Understanding Death,” non-fiction for now, as my mindset has changed in the last two years.

I will post a major, regular end of the year update for those who are interested in my work. 2020 will be busier and more active. I will release “The Cursed Throne” in 2020. The first draft is almost done, as I am now writing Act 3 (which is the final act). Of course, it will need tons of polishing and editing, but the bulk of the work will be done by the end of December if all goes well. The trilogy will be re-released with new artworks that are much more genre-fitting, some refining and corrections, an improved e-book layout, and with a new and refined website design. Better call to action, better communication, etc.

The reasons why 2019 was silent and what I did will all be at the end of the year post.

Take care and happy *upcoming* holidays!

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